1. The hostel rooms are rented for days.
  2. Check-in time begins at 12 pm and check-out time finishes at 11 am on the day of departure. Guests who do not check-out by 12 pm will be charged for an additional day. If guests arrive before 12, they can leave their luggage in the luggage room and wait for the check-in in the dinning area.
  3. The price includes bed sheets, coffee, tea and internet access.
  4. The check-in procedure is completed after showing a valid identity card or passport, and making the payment.
  5. Access to the hostel rooms is limited to the registered guests only.
  6. Registered guests’ visitors are allowed to stay within the premises of the hostel until 10pm.
  7. Guests hold responsibility for their visitors.
  8. Quiet hours apply between 10pm and 6 am. Unregistered people are not allowed in the hostel during that time.
  9. The hostel guests or their visitors shall not indulge in any activities that may cause disturbance to others. Should the guest breach this rule, the hostel has the right to refuse the provision of hotel services, even throughout the duration of the hotel day. In this case, the payment for the stay will not be returned.
  10. For fire safety reasons, it is strictly prohibited to use immersion heaters, electrical irons or similar devices.
  11. In case of an emergency (heating failure, sewage system failure etc.) the receptionist has the right of entry to a hostel room during the guest’s absence.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in the hostel premises.
  13. Pets are not allowed unless approved by the hostel.
  14. After check-out, guests are obliged to return the key at the reception desk. In case of loss of the key, a fee of 50 PLN will be charged.
  15. Guests will be held financially liable for any damage or destruction of the hostel facilities.
  16. Any defects noticed in the rooms shall be reported at the reception on the day of the arrival.
  17. The hostel does not hold responsibility for any valuable belongings left in the rooms.
  18. We do not take responsibility for any failure or its consequences outside our control.
  19. During longer stays, rooms are cleaned after the 3rd night, while bed sheets are changed after the 7th night.
  20. Personal belongings left by the departing guest in their room may be sent at the guest’s request to the address indicated by the guest at their expense. If the guest does not provide such data, things left shall be stored for 3 months and thereafter will be thrown away.
  21. We kindly request our guests to keep rooms and common areas clean and tidy at all times.
  22. It is prohibited to eat meals in the rooms. Meals shall be eaten in the dinning area or kitchen annex.
  23. Any breach of the provisions contained in these regulations may result in a fine of 100 PLN in each case.

Street: Otwocka 7
01-759 Warsaw

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